What is Litigation Law?
Litigation covers the process of bringing and pursuing a lawsuit, and encompasses the entire procedure. A lawsuit is a case or controversy authorized by law, to be decided in a court of justice, brought by one person or entity against another person or entity for the purpose of enforcing a right or redressing a grievance. Litigation is one way that people and corporate entities resolve disputes. The parties rely on a judge or jury to determine a legal question or matter. Litigation can be distinguished from various methods of alternative forms of dispute resolution such as mediation, early neutral evaluation, or binding and non-binding arbitration.

Each case is unique and demands individualized attention. Ultimately, each dictates the manner of its resolution - whether through litigation and trial or by alternative means of dispute resolution. Whether to give battle or whether to compromise are dual concerns that demand equal attention. Each case must be worked up so that both options might be considered and pursued. And, experience in both unadulterated advocacy and in effective negotiation strategy is crucial to your case. We have the experience. " - mlh

Areas of Law
Mark L. Hardy serves in litigation in the following areas of law (MLH - Resume):

  • Anti Trust
  • Construction Defect
  • Real Property
  • Contracts and Torts

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